Hüdrorooli komplekt mootorile kuni 350HP Outboard Hydraulic system for engines up to 350HP

Tootekood: HYDRO-MF350Wplus
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Hydraulic pump: TL2-30 MRA, 28 cc pump., 5,2 turns
Hydraulic cylinder: MC 350 W, 146 cc volume, stroke 206mm
7+7 mt twin hose, 2 lt. hydraulic oil (ATF III G) (temp.+60°/-30°.)

Output force: 495 Kg
Torque: 102 Kgf
Max speed: 75 Kts

  • Pump made by hardened , hot pressed aluminum,
  • Adonized and painted pump house, manufactured by precision CNC
  • Cylinder made from cold drown, hardened adonized and painted aluminium
  • Professional application, high quality, innovative technology, high precision pump.
  • Universal fittings, Hydrodrive steering can be use every type of outboard engines.
  • Easy installation process
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