BREN-3015 комплект с крышкой

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Single-axle cargo trailer on a hot-dip galvanized all-welded frame. Suitable for both personal and professional use. Axle suspension on springs: hot-dip galvanized axle beam, KNOTT hubs (Germany), 4-leaf springs, shock absorbers. The bottom of the drawer is covered with laminated waterproof plywood 12 mm. The front and rear boards are reinforced with a double profile and can be folded back or completely removed. 8 loops for fastening the load inside the box and 4 hooks are welded on the outside to the bottom edge of the frame. Electrical system Aspöck (Austria), with an adapter for 7/13 pins.

Also in standard equipment:

KNOTT hubs (2 x 675 kg), axle beam technical load capacity 1350 kg
Practical footrests (4 pcs)
LED front lights (also raised from the edge of the frame to protect against gravel)
M+S tires
Tilt trailer box

NB! The price of the kit includes:

– Bren-3015 trailer
– Jaxal plastic lid, height 1.0m
– Support wheel Ø48mm, 150kg (with bracket)

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