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Single-axle cargo trailer on a hot-dip galvanized all-welded frame. Suitable for both personal and professional use. Axle suspension on springs: hot-dip galvanized axle beam, KNOTT hubs (Germany), parabolic leaf spring, shock absorbers. The bottom of the drawer is covered with laminated waterproof plywood 12 mm. The front and rear boards are reinforced with a double profile and can be folded back or completely removed. 8 loops for fastening the load inside the box and 4 hooks are welded on the outside to the bottom edge of the frame. Electrical system Aspöck (Austria), with an adapter for 7/13 pins.

Also in standard equipment:

KNOTT hubs (2 x 675 kg), axle beam technical load capacity 1350 kg
M+S tires
Tilt trailer box
Support wheel 150 kg

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